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The Works:  My photographs, collectively, are a physical and social landscape. In style, they range across a blended sensibility to imagery, grown from: theater and TV;  fashion and commercial ads;  and,  documentary and architecture.  When I shoot, I freely apply any one of those genres to any subject, most often spontaneously, which later affects whether and how I group them. 

Themes: there are two main groups, which sometimes overlap.
  • In one, the pictures concentrate on places, things, and their  appearances, in a way that dwells on how the visual environment is "organically" generated by people, and how it sits balanced between complexity and familiarity, whether as surfaces or spaces. Meanwhile, most of the images show something as seen only in some transitory conditions (whether gradual or sudden) - or that in many cases simply no longer exists at all.
  • In the other, the natural environment, whether wild or cultivated, at distance or up close, is featured with intent to emphasize key visual characteristics that I feel the scene is "modeling" for me. 

For presentation, all of the individual pictures are intended for view without any frames or borders. Rather like a postcard or a page, the image is always already a completed "object" on its own, whether digitally on screen, or as a print.

To obtain a copy of an image, browse the sections on this website within the Albums menu, and use the Purchase menu option.
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