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Individual cards highlight “alt-Oakland”—a place as unseen as Oaklanders themselves. They feature the vernacular of the town’s inhabitants, as opposed to the commonplace images of the media, or of civic institutions or business districts. The urban landscapes are at once emerging and short-lived, morphing and metaphorical, ephemeral and poignant. The pictures also hold those manmade artifacts in rigorous compositions with a high priority on color. Each 6-card pack of 5.5-inch by 4.2-inch notecards includes four or more images in a theme. Individual images are also available in bulk quantity as a print-to-order request.

Holiday Series: Be Mine

For those who love Love, but rue the hallmarkization of February 14, Malcolm Ryder has come up with unsappy Valentine’s Day cards.


Each image was found and framed by the Oakland photographer on the byways of the East Bay. Romance with a touch of grit, passion leavened by wit, hearts rendered not in lace but in metal and paint.

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