Creativity Lessons for Business

Lessons for Business

In business, Creativity is a competency. And now it is deemed indispensable.

It has officially been promoted from “recreation” to “work”, and it’s time to get to work!

For organizations that assess themselves as not being creative enough, the sense of urgency to “become” creative most often translates into action as “getting” something they don’t “have”.

Business is good about committing to plans. Yet reports about satisfaction with this pursuit are highly mixed.

Most organizations say that it is more difficult than they expected, and many have stopped what they were doing about it, without a planned successor.

So what next?

The smart thing to do when your idea of something stops working is to see if someone else has a better idea. As it turns out, business doesn’t need to re-invent creativity to make it work. It could just decide to use it the way it already works…

Go here for a fast look and description of how it gets done, as drawn from two areas where creativity doesn’t just “have” performance… it IS performance.

Afterwards, take a coach or a theater company director to dinner.

The breakout annotates the illustration shown below.