exie-logoeXie allows you to catalog curated online content on any subject matter, based on what ideas about the subject are important, and how someone cares about reviewing or using those ideas. By cross-referencing those two ideas, eXie creates a frame of reference that gives content the contexts that make it valuable.

As a result of its layout, eXie allows the user to provide a catalog of, or portfolio from, any content collection. Providers and Users can easily see that their interests match and will find each other even as things become more crowded and expansive online and over time.

With eXie, the curator stores the online location of any preferred content in a predefined frame clearly designating the references for the preferred content. Any content item can be explicitly referenced from multiple perspectives, without changing the location of the content item or duplicating it. And, any curated version of the collection is private unless the content collector wants to share it the way a publisher would.

By designing an original frame or modifying a template, the content collector/provider can tailor the perspective on the content as much as desired; and in the very same way the content user can personalize the collection brought to their attention.

Visit eXie to learn more about the ease and advantage of cataloging curated content, and how cultivating the collected content grows its value for ongoing use.