Archestra members are Ready To Help: create or solve, in any of the following ways, in any blend.

  • Align Business, Product, Service, and IT strategies
  • Analyze, design and plan IT products including services and processes
  • Manage Knowledge and Content for development and education
  • Build and implement methodology for  delivery and support of Business Services and IT Services


Recent works? see the Blog: see this website’s blog, about notable newer work delivered in any of the above four areas.

Client and colleague reactions:  see how people respond to our thinking and work together, at Archestra Reviews_People Are Saying

How to position Archestra in your organization: Short-term or long, Archestra members pay special attention to maintaining a clear role under the executive manager’s accountability while acting as an agent for the executive manager. While the engagement has a target output, the process successfully continues beyond the consultant’s participation.

Variable and proportional Pricing: Archestra Pricing is sensitive to engagement scale and to type or size of organization.

Archestra helps plan budgets, and it significantly discounts for non-profits or social impact organizations; for long-term engagements; for small organizations; and for situations featuring development of shared I.P.

Typical range (large enterprise corp to small or non-profit):

$ 125 / hour (max) to $65 / hour (min)
$ 800 / day to $500
$ 3,500 / wk to $2500
$ 12,000 / mo to $8,000

Why clients have used Malcolm Ryder:

Malcolm works as a senior manager at the director level or higher, on initiatives that create or transform production strategy and products (including services) in  business innovation,  organizational change, and IT.

He is recruited and known distinctively for bringing early detection and unique perspectives that generate solutions which become the next “normal” or resolve old chronic deadlocks.

He provides managers with a deep and agile senior level solution designer who produces effective progress in a road-mapped effort, during normal business hours.

See where we’ve been:

Archestra strategies and models have underpinned work done across multiple industries and problem domains. Visit Consulting & Research at to see the ongoing recap of engagements in those areas.