Recent Notable Works – summer/fall 2016

Knowledge and Content Management is a critical area for businesses to address.

These areas are where the meaning of a business idea must be successfully communicated before it’s importance can be appreciated by sponsors, partners, employees, customers, or other target stakeholders. The combination of meaning and importance is what creates intellectual capital from the exchange of information, learning, and communications.

In 2016, we worked as a content contributor, editor, and/or subject matter expert in crafting several important new publications and communications portfolios.

These include commercially available work:

  • the #1 new release in New Business Enterprises on Amazon.comThe Purpose is Profit: the Truth About Starting and Building Your Own Business, by Ed McLaughlin and Wyn Lydecker
  • the ground-breaking new Innovation Strategy Development release on Amazon.comFuture Value Generation: Do You Need to Create New Business Logics?, by Daniel Egger

as well as corporate operational work both external-facing and internal-facing:

  • strategic marketing collateral and positioning briefsInsights Without Borders, LLC  (
  • Business & Technology strategic requirements alignmentTechSoup Global (