A Quick Review Of Services – Going Forward with IT

Archestra Research continues a high-level study of how management methodology co-operates with technology development.

Management increasingly focuses on customer-centricity where the Business is the customer, and business demand is the dominant driver behind opportunities that get investment.

Technology development continues to uncover new ways of automating functionalities that reduce the complexity of user experience with interfaces and interoperabilities (integrations).

As a result, services are the primary IT “product” for business. IT management continues to evolve by understanding how to respond to business demand with manageable services, and the portfolio of services is the most explicit representation of the current target business value of IT.

That explains a bundle of key high-level themes within which IT makes strategic decisions about:

  • data and mobility;
  • sourcing and innovation;
  • security and performance;
  • user experience and requirements.

The ongoing study themes are represented by the following perspectives and some of the related Archestra notebooks (all of which are “live” works in progress).

Services as Products

Service Design

Pragmatic management of Products (Services)

Transformation through Delivery 

Business Fusion of  Development and Operations

Archestra themes generally come with research frameworks.  To explore, modify, or co-create a particular research framework, go to www.archestra.com, and contact Malcolm Ryder directly from there or from this website to arrange a meeting.