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January 31, 2015

Archestra Innovation Framework

Based on a comparative analysis of several publications and conferences, the following framework will go online to coordinate the ongoing content collection and navigation of innovation issues. 

The curating of online content will include prominent public or subscribed materials from resources upcoming from any number of publishers.

Framework users will appreciate the coherence of subject coverage seen within any column or row of the framework, as well as the overall breadth of coverage targeting both special and general contexts.
Archestra Innovation Framework v1.jpg

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December 12, 2014

Performing Innovation Under Governance

For those who manage performance, governance appears to offer a layer of security for meeting performance targets. But the scope of governance's concern naturally exceeds the scope of production performance, representing a need to protect opportunity above and beyond performance targets. Inappropriate performance management will hold back innovation unless governance is appropriately influential on production.

Performing Innovation Under Governance.jpg

The notebook accompanying this table traces the influence on the production environment that governance brings, with regards to supporting innovation. Click here to access the notebook.

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December 4, 2014

Systemic Governance

Like “defense” or “offense”, governance is a high-level orchestration of multiple concurrent activities, conducted to create an overall state – in this case, a state of assurance of stakeholder values. Governance provides an orientation to activities that, by executing them under known constraints, aligns their impacts cooperatively towards assurance. This framework guides the orchestration.

Systemic Governance.jpg

The background notes for this framework are here on Slideshare.

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December 3, 2014

Recognizing Governance

Doing things the right way is most often looked at in terms of whether a desired result predictably arrives. Those results make sense for "share" holders as performance, but "stake" holders are different.

Stakeholders want things done a certain way, and they base their support of the organization on that. To retain that support, assurance must be developed for stakeholders.  It means discovering and aligning governance opportunities as an intrinsic influence throughout the organization's behaviors.

Get the notebook behind this overview diagram on Slideshare at this link.

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